How Body Talk Works

How does Body Talk work?
Your body has the ability to heal itself.  It makes new cells all the time (especially when you are sleeping).   Everything in your body should be in communication with everything else to be able to heal itself.  If the messages can't get through, the healing doesn't happen.   We all have lots communication links that need relinking for one reason or another.  What is important is the links that are a priority for us.  

If we have an emotional upset for example, and can't deal with it at the time, we store the emotion somewhere in our body.  This can cause an interruption in the communication between two or more places within our body.  Surgery can also interrupt communication, accidents can too.  Bodytalk finds out what needs reconnecting and we reconnect it so that your body can do the job of healing like it was designed to do.  

We use a specific protocol chart to ask questions where we get a yes or no answer via muscle testing.  That way we can find out what needs to be linked for you. You are fully clothed mostly lying face up for your BodyTalk Session.  You will be told what links will need connecting before we connect them. 

The connecting process involves usually holding two areas of the body - you get to help with holding the areas and the practioner taps on your head (like we are saying "hey brain, we need to link this to this) and then taps on your sternum (bone in the centre of your chest) to hold the link (so we don't have to do it again tomorrow).

What is muscle testing? 
Muscle testing is used in kinesiology.  A similar process to muscle testing is used in BodyTalk.  The founder of Body Talk used to teach Kinesiology and so has integrated this a modified technique into the Bodytalk system.  In muscle testing - If you were to hold an apple in one hand and hold out your arm.  I would push down gently on it and say "resist me pushing your arm down" and you would be able to stay strong and resist my gentle pushing.  If you were to hold sugar in one hand and hold out your arm and I did the same thing, you would not be able to resist me pushing your arm down.  The same would apply if you said "my name is ........... (your name), you would stay strong and then you said "my name is Matilda" you would not be able to resist me pushing your arm down.   The same kind of thing happens when we ask specific clear questions from our BodyTalk protocol, we get yes or no answers through muscle testing, although in BodyTalk it is slightly different.    

BodyTalk at Aches Away! Whangarei

We hold two places and tap 
To help enable healing, we need to bring in the blood which brings nutrients and oxygen.  In Chinese Medicine the only way the blood can get to an area is if the Mind goes there first, then the Chi (Qi) or loosely translated = knowledgeable energy can go there, which allows the blood to go there.  Blood cannot get there unless the other two things have happend first.  To enable the mind to go there, we hold the two places (similar to having a needle in a specific point in acupuncture or using the hands to rub an area in massage therapy) this brings the mind to that spot.  This enables the chi to go there, then the blood.      

Think of holding the two areas as directing the mind to those places to allow the process of bringing the chi and the blood to those areas.  Tapping the head also brings the minds awareness to the link and tapping the sternum holds the link.    

It's your body that does the healing
So it's not the BodyTalk that does the healing, the BodyTalk links up what needs linking so your body can do it's job of healing itself.    

We do not diagnose in BodyTalk as we treat the whole person.  People who have had BodyTalk have experienced good results with the following:
prolapse of organs, heamarroids, migraines, headaches, allergies, intolerances, aches and pains eg elbow, knee, shoulder, hip joints, neck pain, skin problems, chronic fatigue, emotional disorders, fears, phobias, learning difficulties, dyslexia, ADHD, digestive problems, irritable bowel, fibromyalgia, arthritis, problems after car accidents and head injuries, hormonal and fertility problems, anxiety and stress, bacterial, viral and parasitic infections, fungal infections eg tinea, breathing problems and possibly the same health problem you experience.   

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