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Looking for the perfect gift for Valentines Day/Christmas/a Birthday?  

We have gift vouchers for $65 (45 minutes) and  $130 (90 minutes) + p&p for Pain Neutralization Technique and Massage Therapy.  Available for sale at Aches Away! online shopping cart and will be happy to post these directly to you or your friends and family in New Zealand.  

Please note, allow at least 3 days for postal delivery or if you have left it too late, please phone me so we can discuss whether we can get it there on time and extra cost of courier etc.  If you have trouble purchasing through paypal, please phone us with your details and we can do it for you.

To purchase gift vouchers online use the link just below:

Gift Vouchers

  • 45 min Voucher
    45 min Voucher
    NZ$ 65.00
    45 minute voucher is suitable suitable for a) OK for new or follow up appointments for people with aches and pains or b) pamper massage but not full body Pain Neutralization will be used to release muscles instead of deep tissue. It is not painful but uses the memory of the muscle and nervous system to hold the release. 5 minutes at the end of the treatment is included to sum up/give instructions as you are getting ready to leave and to set up for the next client as we try not to run late.
  • 90 min Voucher
    90 min Voucher
    NZ$ 130.00
    Double session to allow time for a relaxing massage, and time for helping aches, pains and tightness. Pain Neutralization Technique is used as the release technique within the massage to help any tight muscles or aches and pains. This technique doesn't hurt like deep tissue can (and in my opinion is more effective to release the muscles). 5 minutes at the end of the treatment is included to sum up/give instructions and to allow time to leave and set up for the next client as we try not to run late.

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You can buy gift vouchers with your credit card using paypal, internet banking, or if you prearrange a time for collection: by picking up at 26 Central Ave, Whangarei OR PLEASE NOTE another option for New Zealand customers who don't do internet banking but want to pay directly into our bank account in person.  This method will not be listed specifically in the following pages.  Here's how you do this:

Choose the the BankN option on the payment page, as if you are going to pay into our bank account by internet banking.  Print off the bank details and go to any Kiwibank to deposit the money in person using your name and the reference number you will be given on checkout as your reference.  You must fill out the forms as if you are going to do internet banking but let us know in an email that you will deposit the money in person.

If you have any questions please phone +64 9 4385385 or text 0274346635.  For more information on our new technique Pain Neutralization Technique (PNT) click on this blue link.