Online Treatments using Pain Neutralization Technique, (PNT) from Colorado

While NZ is using the traffic light system with Covid in the Community, Suzanne will re open the physical treatment clinic when the traffic light is Green.  In the meantime, she is treating clients online using PNT (Pain Neutralization) which is the release technique she has used on you since 2011.  She can even help back problems by using muscles on the front of the body to release back problems.

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Suzanne at Aches Away! treats clients ONLINE with Pain Neutralization (PNT).  Yes! online treatments can really work! 

Don't worry if it is your back, we release via the nerve reflex so can use muscles on the front of your body to release the back.

This is how we help you online:

We will help you with your aches and pains using Pain Neutralization (PNT) from Colorado. 

You stay fully clothed, sitting or standing, depending on what aches and pains you have.

I check your range of motion, (eg how far you can bend or turn your head without it hurting)

Then I show and direct you where to push very gently to find tender spots

Then I show you where to put your hand to release that tender spot.

Then we check the original spot to see if it is still tender, if it is not, that means we have the right release for that first spot.

So we are not pushing directly into your complaint/symptomatic pain to fix it.  This means the treatment does not hurt.  We are using nerve reflex to release the muscles and soft tissues.  They stop pulling on the bone, so the bone can sit where it is supposed to again.

Releasing a few of these points/spots can help to eliminate your pain symptoms like sore back (we can release on the front to help the back), headaches, joints, neck pain, shoulder pains, etc, even chronic breathing problems.

It's easy to follow when I show you, online.

We can do zoom, Facebook chat or other face to face internet program you want to use.

Yes! We can treat you ONLINE! it's easy to do and can work like magic

Online treatments are the answer and are totally safe!  

Aches Away! Online sessions are:

For people who have muscular pain or joint pain

For people who don't want to risk getting up close to others during Covid

For people that can't travel 

For busy people that just want it sorted quickly, without having to leave home

For people that have a history of falling, car accidents, sports accidents

For anyone that has ongoing pain that nothing seems to help

For people that suffer from headaches, back ache, joint pain, pain in their body

or chronic breathing problems.

Read on for how we help you at Aches Away!

5 reasons to choose Aches Away! to help your aches and pains:

1. We have a reputation of getting great results (for most clients)
2. Our treatments don't hurt
3. You don't have to have lots of follow ups after your first appointment. (One or two follow ups is a good idea though!  Long term problems and certain problems may need approximately 3 sessions.)
4. For most clients the pain relief lasts a long time
5. PNT is done through your clothing.

Use the book now button above to book online. Phone us, if you prefer.  Scroll down for more details.


Monday to Friday.  

some 5.30pm appointments available.

Aches Away! is a leading Pain Specialist clinic in Whangarei, run by Suzanne Chappell.  But now were are online, your friends and family outside Whangarei can now attend.  Even overseas!  We are well known locally for helping your aches and pains using a gentle, painless treatment called   Pain Neutralization Technique (PNT) using nerve feedback to release, as taught by Dr Kaufman in Colorado.  This means we won't hurt you in the treatment!  You will be amazed how simply this can help your muscles relax and stop pulling wherever they attached to your bones.  This is highly recommended for anyone who is in pain and has even helped people who have had pain for a long time and think they have tried everything.  

For bookings

First session 40 minutes includes consultation and PNT  $67.00 

Follow up sessions 20 minutes PNT $47.00

Use the book now button above to book online, or phone (09) 4385385 or text 0274346635.

Our practitioner  Suzanne Chappell is highly qualified in post graduate studies and has over 20 years experience as a Natural Therapist.  Suzanne has a warm, friendly, welcoming manner and has been operating since 1999.

We offer gift vouchers which you can purchase online.

We love feedback!

Here is a recent testimonial from Julie White:
"Suzanne is the best there is.. You always come away feeling amazing, highly recommend a visit to Aches Away "

Testimonial:  Katie Farrell 5 star

I sent my Mother to Suzanne, as she had been complaining of a sore back for weeks. She normally elects for deep tissue massages for her aches and pains. After visiting Suzanne, she couldn't believe how resolved her back ache was and how non-painful it was during and after the treatment. Normally, after a deep tissue massage, she is sore for a few days. This time she was charging up Parahaki the very next day, free from pain.


Testimonial from Michelle Webb - Owner of Gifts On Rathbone
Michelle's comments :
I'm a believer, Pain Neutralization is amazing, painless and works wonders for me and Suzanne's massages are even better. I have a lot of back problems and by going regularly she keeps me mobile & pain free. I send my staff monthly as a reward for all their good work and effort and the day that their massages are due they happily skite "I've got massage today", making me wish I had one too. I highly recommend Suzanne.


Suzanne Chappell
Aches Away!

Treating you via Online appointments

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