Contact Care/Flinchlock Technique

Please note

We are not offering Contact Care/Flinchlock during the Covid outbreak. 

While NZ is using the traffic light system with Covid in the Community, Suzanne will re open the physical treatment clinic when the traffic light is Green.  In the meantime, she is treating clients online using PNT (Pain Neutralization) which is the release technique she has used on you since 2011.  She can even help back problems by using muscles on the front of the body to release back problems.

PNT gets great results, take a look at how we treat you online with Pain Neutralization using nerve reflex to help all sorts of problems.  Click here to learn about online treatments.

5 reasons to choose Aches Away! to help your aches and pains:

1. We have a reputation  of getting great results (for most clients)
2. Our treatments don't hurt
3. You don't have to have lots of follow ups after your first appointment. (One is a good idea though!  Long term problems sometimes a couple more)
4. For most clients the pain relief lasts a long time
5. We work through your clothing (unless you prefer to have massage therapy using oil)

Suzanne Chappell
Aches Away!

Treating you via Online appointments

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