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Aches Away! Specialize in Pain Neutralization using Pain Neutralization Technique, Massage Therapy and Flinchlock/Contact Care and is located in Whangarei, please book online for an appointment.

Aches Away! is in all over NZ as we treat ONLINE.

While NZ is using the traffic light system with Covid in the Community, Suzanne will re open the physical treatment clinic when the traffic light is Green.  In the meantime, she is treating clients online using PNT (Pain Neutralization) which is the release technique she has used on you since 2011.  She can even help back problems by using muscles on the front of the body to release back problems.

I direct you where to push gently to find tender spots and I show you where to put your hand to release that tender spot.  Doing a few of these can help to eliminate your pain symptoms.

It's easy to follow when I show you online.

We can do zoom or facebook chat.

To book in:

Use the book now button:  

or Phone +64 9 4385385 or text 0274346635

or email  

Opening hours:

Open Monday to Friday
some 5.30pm appointments available.

We take credit cards and debit cards with online payments.

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