Testimonials for BodyTalk and Muscle Release Massage at Aches Away!

Clients of Aches Away! give their testimonials on how Body Talk or Massage Therapy has helped them for tight muscles, headaches, prolapse bladder, baby not putting on weight, baby crying alot, baby not sleeping, sore joints and one client sends her staff for monthly massage therapy.

Testimonial from Hannah Blake - Blake PR

“For years I have suffered from lower back pain, and more recently I had suffered from it the most compared to any other time. I found Suzanne at just the right time and she promised me a pain-free session. I had to cringe at the thought of another painful massage, where you clinch the mattress beneath and silently beg for the end of the hour to arrive. This time it was different – I walked away feeling amazing, with all the painful spots in my back gone. And there really was NO pain. Now I am more than a month on from treatment and have had no recurring pain. She is a miracle worker and I am beyond impressed – I have recommended her to many friends and colleagues.”

 Regular Clients
Peter Hargreaves
Peter is a semi retired dairy farmer from Waipu and has been having massage therapy every 2nd week since 2003.  The reason Peter started having massage is that one of his legs is longer than the other which causes imbalance and tightening of his muscles throughout his body.  He used to get alot of pain until having regular preventative massages.  We incorporated a mini BodyTalk as part of his session since 2006.

Peter's comments:
suzannes massages & bodytalk gives relief from tired stiff muscles meaning one feels much more supple & relaxed I find about every 2 weeks suits me best it makes me able to do the daily tasks of life without feeling stiff & sore..the bodytalk part of the session gives improved metabolism which leads to a healthier body.  peter

Michelle Webb
Michelle is the owner of Gifts on Rathbone and is Whangarei's "Gift Guru".  She originally came to me for treatment with herbal medicine, referred by a friend and has been coming for Massage Therapy and BodyTalk since 2001.  She has found it so beneficial that she sends her staff to Aches Away! for a monthly "tune up".  Since 2005 Michelle has been had regular BodyTalk sessions aswell.

Michelle's comments:
I'm a believer, BodyTalk is amazing, painless and works wonders for me and Suzanne's massages are even better. I have a lot of back problems and by going regularly she keeps me mobile & pain free. I send my staff monthly as a reward for all their good work and effort and the day that their massages are due they happily skite "I've got massage today", making me wish I had one too. I highly recommend Suzanne.

Michelle Webb

Terry C
Rest Home owner Terry originally came for massage therapy as he knew it would help for stress.  He became a regular client.  One week his knee started hurting the day after jumping down from a trailer.  We massaged and did some BodyTalk Access on it.  (Access is specific parts of the BodyTalk protocol without using the BodyTalk asking technique which finds out what the client specifically needs), in plain words, we balanced knee to elbow, right to left, that kind of thing.  It’s a quick, simple technique that can be used anytime.  To his surprise, he walked out from that session without any pain in his knee.  

After a few massage sessions, Terry told me he found it hard to get to sleep, had bad headaches daily since he was crushed as a child and his left heel was sore to put any pressure on it, especially when laying down.   

We did a BodyTalk session in October 2009 and after just one session he did not have a headache for the first time since he was a child.  He had one bad headache in December 2009 and we did another BodyTalk and Massage and to this day still doesn’t (Feb 2010).  

His sleep would improve for a few nights after each session and then go back to how it was.  He is now sleeping well also now as he has been able to overcome the worry that was keeping him awake.  

His achy left heel would improve and then come back.  As of February 2010 it is no longer hurting.   

Terry’s comments: Thoroughly recommend Susanne’s service, our sessions are now an essential part of my week, great for stress management and physical wellbeing.

Clients with Specific Ailments
Kelly Marshall's baby Amelia
Kelly booked Amelia in November 2009 as she was not putting on any weight and would fall asleep every time she had a feed on the breast.  She would also cry alot and not like to lay down without mum close.  She was not sleeping well at night either.

After only one treatment with BodyTalk Amelia was a much happier baby, was sleeping at night, stopped crying, stayed awake during most of her feeds and started chatting away and smiling when laying down.  Best of all she put on weight at a faster rate than 'the normal amount' and is continuing to put on weight.  She giggles alot now.

Kelly's comments:
At 9 weeks old Amelia was still on the 20 percentile for weight (less than the average) and with much efforts and advice from different professionals, was not gaining the weight that was expected. Being breast-fed was important to us for Amelia so we wanted to do whatever we could to ensure she was healthy and gaining the recommended weight while being exclusively breast-fed. She was very unsettled and had huge problems sleeping (would only sleep if held by someone) and only for a few hours a day. There was a lot of crying and breast feeding was not very successful, as Amelia would constantly fall asleep on the breast. Feeding was taking up most of the day and night. It was very stressful and worrying as a first time mum, and even though we were getting great support nothing was working to get Amelia on "the right track".

After just one session of BodyTalk with Suzanne we noticed improvement in Amelia's behaviour. She was calmer, and much happier, which meant that we were able to get some sleep and become better parents. Not just survive hour by hour with a crying baby but with a more settled child we could actually learn her signs and get into a routine. 
She became content to go to bed (with only minor grizzles for the first few days) on her own, and sleeping for longer periods more regularly.
In general Amelia has become a different, much happier baby, full of smiles and squeals of delight. 
Breast feeding has improved dramatically, with Amelia almost always awake to feed now, and feeding times have become 20-40 minutes instead of hours at a time. She has also made up for the weight, by putting on huge amounts over the past two months and is now in the average range.
Thanks Suzanne!
Kelly Marshall
January 2010








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