Contact Care/Flinchlock Technique

5 reasons to choose Aches Away! to help your aches and pains:

1. We have a reputation  of getting great results (for most clients)
2. Our treatments don't hurt
3. You don't have to have lots of follow ups after your first appointment. (One is a good idea though!  Long term problems sometimes a couple more)
4. For most clients the pain relief lasts a long time
5. We work through your clothing (unless you prefer to have massage therapy using oil)

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Sessions cost $65 for 45 minutes.

Contact Care/Flinchlock Technique is aimed at helping to unlock impacted bone from surprise impact injuries.  This means you did not see it coming, eg you kicked your toe, a ball hit you in the head, you fell off a horse, you stood up into a open cupboard door, were in a car accident, any impact that you were not expecting. 

There is no manipulation of the bones.  When something hits you, your self defence mechanisms kick in to save you and clamp down on that bone that receives the impact.  Contact Care/Flinchlock is aimed at releasing the self defence clamp down on that bone.  When something hits you, you turn your body away from the impact.  The way your body twists or shrinks away is part of what is locked in to the self defence reaction, so your centre of gravity is no longer straight over the centre line.  Impacts that you have even as a child can also affect the way you stand or sit.  You tend to put pressure onto the impacted bone (eg always lie on your left side or like to sit with one foot underneath you).  You can also be twisted or bent to stay comfortable around your impacted bones.  Your centre of gravity is often different after a session. 

At Aches Away! this technique may be offered as part of your treatment along with Pain Neutralisation and/or Massage Therapy, depending on what you would like.  You are welcome to ask for this technique by itself. 

Suzanne Chappell has completed training of Contact Care/Flinchlock to Student Practitioner level.

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday.  Some 5.30pm appointments available.

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